February 2022

Advantages of using Managed DNS

If you own or administrate an online business, you know how vital DNS is for existing on the Internet. Of course, you can build your own DNS server, but having a Managed DNS brings really good advantages that you should consider.

‚ÄčWhat does Managed DNS mean?

Shortly, Managed DNS means the service offered for clients to use the DNS servers of a provider. Once you pick such a provider, its DNS servers (its infrastructure) will be available for you to manage all your DNS data (records) of your domain and make the domain available online. 

Providers supply their clients with a friendly control panel to manage their DNS. From there, you can create, add, modify, or clear DNS records, DNS zones, PoPs, etc.

Managed DNS service

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Boost your network with Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS explained

Anycast DNS is a well-known traffic routing mechanism implemented in DNS (Domain Name System) management. It allows you to set your IP address in several different name servers, which are spread in different locations in the world. That way, when a user requests your domain name, it is going to receive an answer from the closest name server. As a result, the DNS query is going to take the shorter path for obtaining the needed information (IP address). Therefore, this approach guarantees improvement in the speed of the Domain resolution and reduces the latency.

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